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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Off-Season Mini-post: Crossfit (part 3)

OK almost made it! This was the third straight day of Foundations class for crossfit, and I was happy to be almost done. Honestly, triathlon and marathon training have made me used to having sore legs, and occasionally sore arms or shoulders from swimming, but I've never been so thoroughly sore across my body. My legs feel like tree trunks as I stomp around the office, my shoulders are sore, and now even my lats are aching every time I raise my arms. Man, it feels great.

So here's what we learned on Day 3:

This day was meant to be all about Olympic lifting. Really it was only 1 or two moves which was focused on doing a dead lift  and the snatch. Here's what the snatch is supposed to be and how to do it. The Jerk is basically the same except you stop with the barbell in the rack-squat position at your collarbone.

It seems like an easy thing to do, or at least understand conceptually, but stringing together the movements was actually pretty tricky, and will definitely need more practice in the future. There really wasn't time to learn anything else, and for the most part I think the coach covered most of the movement and scaling options that we would be needing in most classes.

That's all for the foundations classes. I'll be posting an update with my thoughts on Crossfit in about a month, once I have real class experience.

You can go back and check out my recap of Day 1 here, or Day 2 here

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Off-Season Mini-post: Crossfit (part 2)

So the adventure continued last night with the second of three Foundations classes to get ready for real classes at Crossfit KOA. Whereas the first day began with a mix of dynamic and static mostly leg stretches, last night we got introduced to a few new friends.

First, the coach gave us all foam rollers. Not the kind of roller I have at home, which is basically blue foam that I've used after long runs/bikes, but a nasty Triggerpoint roller with a hard surface and grooves. Honestly I didn't even have the worst one. Another participant who was apparently very stiff got a roller full of knobs, which must have hurt like a bitch.

We began by rolling our backs (heard a few nice clicks), then moved on to our legs, then did our triceps using a lacrosse ball, and finished off our stretching session using heavy duty elastic bands anchored to an overhead pole.

Then, the fun stuff. This class focused on overhead lifting. I honestly don't recall all the names, but we went through lifting a barbell from our chest, lifting it and jump-splitting our legs, lifting with legs hopping just an inch outwards, and pistol squats, which is basically parleying a bbarbellsquat into a launching motion overhead. We didn't use much weight, but it was still definitely tiring.

A rowing machine. Pretty simple, right? 
To finish the session, we got introduced to the rowing machine. I've used one before and you've probably seen them at the gym. While not incredibly complex, it's actually a little tricky to get the sequence of moves in properly as you pick up speed.

We did the rowing game for a few minutes while the coach helped us with our form, and that was it for Day 2. No time for a workout, which I think the other participants and I were totally OK with after yesterdays vomit-fest.

On Day 3, I'm told we are going to delve into the world of Olympic lifting. Stay tuned to see how that goes, or you can go back and read about Day 1 here.

Thanks for reading, and keep Tri-ing!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Off-Season Mini-post: Crossfit (part 1)

Now that race season is pretty much over, I want to try to expand my exercise library and work some different aspects than the usual endurance stuff that I'm used to. So, after doing some searching on Groupon, I found a deal at Crossfit KOA, a box that's pretty close-by to home.

A nice touch about KOA is that they have new members do a 3 day "Foundations" program, where you and up to 9 others get some time to learn the basics of proper technique for the different moves that Crossfit uses.

I'll be giving a quick summary of my thoughts here during the Foundations period, and later once I've been doing it for a month or so.

Foundation ; Day 1

I showed up to sign up for the program and found the staff at KOA to be really friendly. Multiple trainers (coaches?) came up to me while I was waiting for the program to start and introduced themselves. The facilities is pretty much what I expected. I has plenty of ropes, cages, weights, and is generally appropriately rugged looking. A class was in progress and I got to watch a handful of participants with what looked like widely varying fitness levels doing barbell squats. No meatheads, no steroid junkies, just a bunch of every-type athletes trying to be healthier.

My class started and I met my trainer and the other 2 participants (small class). For the first 45 minutes or so, he showed and has us practice doing some squats, various barbell squats, and box jumping techniques to maintain proper form. Because we were such a small group, we finished pretty quickly and so he gave us a workout. On a whiteboard he wrote;

14 mins
10 WB
10 Burpees
200m run

So, 14 minutes, 10 wall-balls (squat with heavy ball that gets thrown up as you rise, 10 burpees, and 200 m dash outside.
Wall-Balls. They suck almost as much as Burpees

I thought 14 minutes was a tonne of time to get this done, so when it came to my run, I gave it all I had. Trotting back in and out of breath, I heard the coach say "Great job Eddie, only 10 minutes left". At which point I realized that we had to do sets of the workout for 14 minutes. Crap.

The next 10 minutes were painful, tiring, nearly vomit-inducing. By the end, my lungs were burning and I was done.

So...overall the first class was pretty fun.

Check back tomorrow to see how Day 2 goes.

Thanks for reading and keep Tri-ing!