Thursday, 19 April 2012

Almost Race Day

Less than two weeks until the big race! I'm technically supposed to be having a big training week before tapering next week, but after a long run on Sunday (following swimming), I noticed my leg was sore, and I quickly realized that I have once again managed to strain my calf. Add on a fever and some funky stomach issues, and I think it would be best to go a little easy to let my body recover. My injured calf is starting to really bug me. Last Wednesday I got a calf cramp while swimming. That stayed sore for a few days after, and this time it still feels tight almost 3 days later. One thing I have noticed is that it happens mostly when I put in any speed work. During my long run, a teammate and I sped up for a few minutes at a time, and I was acutely aware afterwards of a little "niggle" in the calf. I don't know if this could be improved with stretching/exercises, but I will definitely be speaking to a professional about it.

Anyway, as the day gets closer, we are all getting very anxious for the trip and the race. I'm planning my meals for race weekend, and mentally psyching myself up. Here is how I thin my time will break up;

I'm hoping to finish in under 3 hours if all goes well. I've swam 35 minutes in a pool, so I'm thinking that with a wetsuit on and without having to stop and turn at walls I can shave maybe 5 minutes off. Also apparently the saltwater will make buoyancy even better (hopefully!). The once challenge will be the water conditions of course. I am not used to open water swimming at all, but hopefully it wont be too much of a difference.

Though my recent outdoor biking is limited, I feel that I should be able to maintain about 28Kph average on the bike. The course is supposed to be pretty flat, so I'm sure that I will be able to push 30-35 on some stretches if the wind isn't against me.

Running is obviously the leg that I have the most experience in. I've done a few 10Ks before, as well as a few half-marathons. My most recent 10K saw me set a PR with just over 47 minutes with a big uphill section. My recent leg injuries however, have my a little bit worried. Also, I don't really enjoy running it hot weather, and at the time that I write this, the forecast for race day is 32C / 89F . Either way, barring any leg problems, I would love to finish the run in under 5 minutes. Hopefully I wont be too tired from the rest of the race. My plan is to run about 5:15/km for the first half, then really punch it up for the last 5K. Of course, I don't know what kind of toll the heat will take, so again really anything under 50minutes and ill be ecstatic.

That's it for now,

Keep Tri-ing!


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