About Me

Hi Everyone,
 My name is Eddie and I am an (aspiring) triathlete. I began the goal of competing in triathlon in the summer of 2011, after being inspired by my cousin who, despite very little formal training, completed the Ride to Conquer Cancer, and then registered for an Olympic Triathlon. My own background is technically in running, though this only began a few years ago. In 2006 I was approached to run with a group in order to raise money to save child slaves in Ghana. We signed up for the 10K portion of the Montreal Oasis Marathon, and Ill be honest I showed up completely unprepared. I showed up in beaten up basketball shoes, having done MAYBE 4 practice runs, and actually did OK!

Since then I’ve done a few more 10K races, and 3 half-marathons. About midway through 2011 I thought that since I didn’t have any real desire to complete a full marathon, and I already knew I could do a half, that I needed a new challenge. Sure my half-marathon time was awful, but it was always more of a “just get it done” kind of thing for me. I decided to get a road bike and take on a Duathlon, but ended up signing up for the Cornwall Triathlon. That’s about all it took and now I’m hooked.

 My long term goal is to work my way up to completing an Ironman. I know that I will need to put in a lot of training to get there, and that’s part of the reason why I’m putting together this blog. My hope is that by putting my training progress online, I will be forced to keep up with my training and not slack off. Also, as Traithlon becomes more and more popular, there will be lots of more beginners looking for advice. While I am definitely a “noob” myself, I think I can at least steer some people in the right direction. In addition to my training results, I will post on the main page any interesting triathlon news, product reviews, personal updates, and anything else that comes to my mind. I hope you find this blog useful, informative, and maybe even a bit entertaining.

 Happy reading!


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