I'm no professional athlete, but I've still got some sponsors. Instead of taking cash to wear their colours, most amateur level sponsorships give product samples or discounts to their team athletes. The responsibility of the athlete is usually to wear branded gear during training, write articles, and generally be a good ambassador for the company. I've been lucky enough to be selected as an ambassador for a few companies, so you will likely see me write the occasional post about their products. Though I am sponsored, I wouldn't write something I don't believe, and only write about what I know.
My sponsors for 2014:
Timex Factory Team;
Sponsored by Timex, this team brings together multisport athletes from across North America to promote the longstanding brand. I became interested in the TFT after racing for a few years with my Timex Global Trainer. I've found that although it's getting older, it keeps working and is highly customizable, which is why I've stuck with them for so long. A lot of new athletes have questions about buying their first multisport watch, so feel free to ask me any questions that you might have.

Hammer Nutrition Ambassador:
Hammer Nutrition has been fueling athletes for decades. For endurance athletes, being able to consume during exercise is important, but so is nutrition before and after exercise. Hammer has a wide variety of products that will help you feel and perform your best. I've used their Hammer Gels as a source of fuel for many short course running and biking events, and I find them to be more digestible than some of the competition. In 2014, I'll be experimenting with introducing their Perpetuem and Recoverite products to get me through long distance triathlons. Hammer has given me a code that I can pass out to anyone who would like 15% off their first order from HammerNutrition.Com, or just click on the logo right here! 
This combo brick-and-click store offers great deals on everything that a triathlete could need, from swim goggles to full bike sets, and at competitive prices. They also have some pretty famous sales throughout the year, like their year-end clearance where you can get already reduced items for up to an extra 80% off.

Multisport training is inherintly dangerours. We spend many hours each week running around traffic and biking sometimes remote roads.While many people have an I Case of Emergeny number in their phone, it just doesnt help first responders enough. The ICEdot bracelet has a unique code on it that when texted to a number (also on the bracelet), will provide emergency responders with any information you'd like from a personalized webpage, including critical medical information.


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