Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New York Marathon coming up

There is just over a week and a half until I toe up the starting line of the ING NY Marathon! Strangely, I'm not as nervous as I think I maybe should be. I think that having recently ran the Montreal marathon helped me really get a sense for the kind of pain that I can expect. Yes, there will be pain. Since Montreal,  I will admit that I've taken a little break from training seriously. Not that I stopped exercising, but I may not have been going the distances that maybe I should have.

As the big race approaches, I've been trying to get my longer training run sessions to match up with my training plan, but have admittedly fallen a bit short. My biggest hope at this point is that I will be able to pull off the race using the always famous "muscle memory". I had wanted to have Montreal be my so-called training marathon, followed up by a slightly faster race in New York. As it stands, I find it entirely likely that I will be able to match my 4:07 finish, or finish not too far behind.

In other news, my role as assistant coach to the Montreal Team in Training triathlon team will be starting soon! Training officially kicks off on November 3 (I'll be starting when I get back from New York). Pre-training has already been underway for about a month, and I have met a nice handful of the participants at  the group Wednesday swims. Having a chance to swim again has been really nice, since I haven't swam since the Cornwall triathlon.

I'll hopefully have another post very soon. I've been using the Zombies, Run! app for a little while, and also tried out some of The Sufferfest videos, and will be writing my thoughts on them.

Thanks for reading, and keep Tri-ing!


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