Monday, 5 November 2012

The 2012 ING NY Marathon has been CANCELED

The headline pretty much sums this one up.

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the New York Road Runners and Mayor Bloomberg got together and decided to cancel this year's NY Marathon.

I should first point out that I don't think that any of the 47,000 registered runners were genuinely upset at this fact. We were disappointed at the lost opportunity to participate in such an iconic race. We were empathetic for those that suffered at the hands of Sandy. We understood the unique and pervasive challenges that the city would be going through for the next long while. We were also seriously pissed.

To be clear, I take no issue with the race being cancelled. My problem, which was echoed by many others on the official ING NYC Marathon Facebook page, is the lack of information provided to us, as well as misinformation provided. On Thursday morning, I received an email from the NYRR telling me that the race would go on as scheduled. Along with many others, I made my way to NY. Some people took flights, booked hotels, and put out a substantial amount of money to find their way to New York midst the chaos left behind by Sandy.

On Friday night, once most runners were already in NY, Mayor Bloomberg went on the news to announce that the race was cancelled. Saturday morning was the first time we officially heard from NYRR that the race was off. Of course, the correspondence didn't JUST say that the race wasn't happening, but it sure didn't provide any useful information either. What it did contain was a request for a donation. I think that it is very important to support those in need right now, but come on. Many people have put in months of training, done incredible charity fundraising, and endured countless NYRR emails pushing sponsor's products on us. I think it only fair that we receive some information too.

I was not told anything about what I would need to do to defer to next year's race, nor if I would be refunded my substantial registration fee. So far, NYRR has announced that they are sticking to their no-refund policy. Attempts to contact NYRR has only resulted in automated emails that predate the cancellation notice.

In place of the official race, some 10,000 runners decided to do the race course on their own. Many also went and volunteered to help victims of the hurricane.

I hope that this post does not seem petty, as I do not mean to trivialise the suffering of those that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. I just want some answers, and I think that the 47,000 runners deserve it.

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