Monday, 28 November 2011


Last week...last week...what happened last week...
Actually last week was a fairly decent week in terms of workouts. Last Sunday I did some spinning with TNT, and WOULD have span again on Thursday night, but I kinda got my location mixed up and ended up at the wrong Gold's Gym. I ended up doing some spinning on my own, but I was using a Startrac eSpinner, which is hands-down the best stationary bike I've ever been on. The seat post post and bike stem are fully adjustable, it has a built-in fan, a cadence meter, Ipod dock, and best of all....a VIDEO SCREEN! The screen lets you follow a virtual coach on a number of workouts. All I had to do was choose one, and then follow along, keeping my cadence within certain zones.

I managed to squeeze in a couple runs during lunch (graphs posted below), but time is a little tight because I do want to get in some cross-training also, for which I take a Yoga class once a week and also do some weight-lifting. I think that going forward I might do my cross-training at lunch, and do my runs as soon as I get home from work.  I didn't make it into the pool unfortunately, due to other commitments.

Movember is coming to end, which means that pretty soon I'm going to start bothering everyone I know to make donations to Team in Training in my name. Raising almost $5K isn't gonna be easy, so I had better get started.

That's all for now.

Keep Tri-ing!


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