Monday, 21 November 2011


Weekly Recap:

So this week was fairly good, and I’m managing to start to ramp up my training sessions. I began the week with an hour-long bike ride with TNT. Oh, and that was outside... In November... In Canada. Ok fine it was a fairly warm day, but still at 9AM its not exactly sizzling regardless. This ride focused on some basic drills , like biking one-handed and bike control, and our coach tried to make sure we kept up a good cadence.

We also had our first swim training, which involved some solid drills. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get the lanes opened up at the pool, so we were stick swimming the width (only about 12M), so it was hard to really get a good rhythm going. Nonetheless it’s good to get in the water as often as possible, especially considering that swimming is definitely my weakness in the Tri.

Of course I kept running this week, including a solid outdoor run, where I tried to focus on cadence, as our TNT coach instructed. Whadaya know it actually helps, and I found that the run went a lot easier than usual! My time wasn’t anything fantastic (around 58 mins for 10K), but I found that I was a lot less tired than I usually am at that distance. I found it a little hard to keep track though and count my cadence, but lo and behold on Wednesday I finally got my Garmin SDM4 foot pod!
This little gadget syncs up with my Global Trainer via ANT+ and can keep track of my speed, distance, and cadence whether or not I have a GPS signal. This means that I can better track my workouts digitally during the winter, as well as now being able to make sure I stay as close as possible to the suggested 90RPM running cadence.

Last note, my TNT group did some SPINNING for the first time. Unfortunately it’s getting too cold to bike outdoors, so spinning is the only option left to train our biking legs. Thanks to Gold’s Gym for giving us a discount on entrance. Most spinning sessions going forward are going to be early Sunday morning. As in 7AM early. Oh well that’s the life of a triathlete, right?

That’s all for now,
Keep Tri-ing!

PS. Simply because I can, I will sometimes post statistics from my workouts, obtained from my watch.


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