Sunday, 29 January 2012

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It's been a little while since my last update, so I figured I would shoot off a post before hitting the sack.
Training has been going fairly well overall. I've been slowly increasing the duration of my training sessions, and have started doing brick sessions with the team. In case you don't already know, a brick session is where you go from one activity in triathlon to the next immediately, simulating race conditions. Its is more common to do bike-run bricks, simply because its harder to find access to a pool with stationary bikes nearby.
Anyways, last Sunday was the first brick session that we did, with an hour and a half on the bike, and then a half hour run. It went fine overall, and I think I made somewhere around 6 or so kilometres on the run, but something weird happened to my knew and it was kind of hurting for the rest of the week. To let it recover, I stayed away from running last week, and limited myself to swim and bike training sessions. Unfortunately my HR monitor is going to be out of the picture for at least a few weeks until Timex repairs it and sends it back to me. Though this is somewhat annoying, it is interesting to get back to training solely by Rate of Perceive exertion (RPE). It forces me to be more in tune with how my body is feeling, and to trust my body.

This past weekend has been solid in terms of training. I went for a good hour and a half run on Saturday night, and covered just under 15K.

As you can see, my path overlaps a few times. I avoided my usual run because of the weather. Although it actually wasn't too cold, a lot of the ground was slippery, and it was expected to snow heavily. I figured it would be safer to try so stay near my house.
Again, because I don't have my HR monitor, I don't know exactly where I was in terms of Zone, but it was a nice easy pace, and one that I feel I could have kept up for a good period of time.

1/2 ??? Been there, done that! Time for the full distance!
Oh, big news before I forget! I've registered for the Montreal Rock 'N Roll Oasis Marathon. The full distance this time! It will be tough, and need a lot of training, but I think it will be a fun challenge. I was also going to race in the Ottawa race Weekend Half Marathon again this year, but due to scheduling I wont be able to make it. I'm trying to find other nearby races that are close to the same date, and I am currently looking at the Lake Placid Half. It is a much smaller race with a cap of 2,500 participants, but I hear that it's a beautiful course and fun event. Not sure if I mentioned it in a previous post, but I also re-registered for the Cornwall Sprint Triathlon. I got DQ'd last time, and I need to take revenge on the course.

That's all for now,
Keep Tri-ing!


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