Sunday, 8 January 2012

First Run Interval Training

So today I got a chance to go for a run with the TNT triathlon team, which is nice because I tend to not be able to make it to the run sessions, and also because it wasn't the bitter -30c cold that we have been getting lately. Our coach introduced us to speed intervals today, where we run at about 90-95% of our max heart rate (HR) for 2 minutes. we did this twice over about 6k, including warm-up. Below is a graph of my pace (blue line) and elevation (green line) for the run. 

I learned some interesting things from these intervals. You can pretty clearly see that the two peaks about a third and two-thirds of the way through represent the interval periods. In the first interval, I pretty much bolted right out of the gate, immediately hitting my peak of a bit fast than a 5minute mile, but was decreasing pace over almost the full two minutes, reaching a 6:41 at the end. The lesson learned is that I may have been pushing a bit too hard early on. Sure I was in the lead, but I heard footsteps not too fair behind, and I would have definitely been passed if we kept going much longer.

During the second interval, I decided to try to pace myself a bit better. I started out not quite pushing myself all the way, but still at a good cadence and decent pace. As you can see, I kept about 6min/mile for the entire period. Unfortunately, my HR monitor is currently broken (hopefully just needs a new battery), so I was not able to properly monitor my HR zone. Nonetheless, I still felt tired out after the interval, but not the crash-and-burn that I felt in the first.

The graph from the 5k run that we did (above) after is somewhat less informative. My pace was a little spastic, though I managed to keep an average page of about 9min/mile. Interestingly, my pace actually increased on most of the small uphill climbs. This wasn't really intentional, I just try to maintain a solid 90rpm cadence on hills.

Anyway, I will likely be taking the better part of the week off, as I will be travelling a bit for work.
Oh, I also got on my Tacx trainer for the first time for 2 hours last night, Ill write a little review about that soon.

Thanks for reading, and keep Tri-ing!


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